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Vegan Recipe Mushroom Soup

How to make a delicious mushroom soup in simple steps.

I love the mushroom time.
It’s great to walk in the woods and to collect some mushrooms.
Today, I share with you one of my favorite vegan recipes.

Try it out and I hope you like it.


No-Cream of Mushroom Soup. Rosemary. Pepper.

Mushroom lovers’ listen up. This No-Cream of Mushroom Soup is pretty darn fantastic. Minimal ingredients, simple steps and an end result that looks oh-so-fancy and tastes amazing. Roasted mushrooms, caramelized until tender, infused with pepper and rosemary. Plus a secret ingredient to get all the “creamy” you crave, without adding cream. And sure, add a splash of soy creamer over top to serve if you’d like. Because the white crescent pool of faux creamer does look kinda pretty. Optional though.

Serve with some crusty bread – or even better – in a bread bowl! This mushroom-lovers’ soup will warm you up and cozy-up your evening…

No-Cream of Mushroom Soup

vegan, makes 8 cups – 4 servings

Soup – puree:
1 medium white cauliflower, boiled/drained
4 cups mushroom broth
3/4 of the roasted mushrooms
1-2 sprigs of the roasted rosemary
salt + pepper to taste

Roasted mushrooms:
8 ounces baby bella mushrooms, quartered
8 ounces portobella mushrooms, sliced (2 large)


complete recipe and instructions