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How to Make Vegan Ice Cream

Do you like ice cream?

Everyone likes ice cream! As vegans we do not get on each ice cream shop a vegan ice.
And making vegan ice cream itself is not so easy. I found an good Article,
read “How to Make Vegan Ice Cream by yourself”


The Problem With Most Vegan Ice Cream

Most vegan ice cream isn’t very good for a few reasons. Any putz can cook dairy and eggs together and make something reasonably good. But vegan ice cream takes more technique and ingredient knowledge, and considering the captive audience for vegan packaged food, there’s not enough pressure to make a premium vegan ice cream. The result? Ice cream that’s watery, thin, and often flavorless. No thanks.

Foolproof Coconut Ice Cream


For a basic ice cream base that you can use in lieu of most dairy-based recipes, your best bet is coconut milk. Yes, ice cream made with it does taste coconutty, but I’d rather have a coconut-flavored ice cream with great texture than a neutral-flavored ice cream base that’s icy and crunchy. And you’d be surprised at just how many flavors coconut pairs well with: vanilla, chocolate, coffee, mint, and caramel are all coconut-compatible, as are many fruit flavors.

Coconut milk isn’t fatty enough on its own to make super-creamy ice cream. Some recipes attempt to get around this by cooking coconut milk into a custard with a starch like cornstarch or tapioca. To my taste, starch-thickened ice creams behave more like frozen pudding than ice cream. They’re creamy, but in a, well, starchy kind of way that reminds me of off-brand packaged ice cream.

More Vegan Ice Cream Bases

Milk and cream have a neutral flavor profile that takes well to other ingredients. Avocados, nuts, bananas, and other common vegan ice cream bases generally don’t. Most packaged vegan ice cream manufacturers seem to view this as a bug, not a feature, and they do everything they can to neutralize those ingredients’ natural flavors.


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