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Four Health Benefits of Pine Seeds

Pine seeds are sweet, with a slight flavor of butter and they are used to give more flavor to raw and vegan foods. Once you try them, you won’t get enough of them.

You can add pine seeds in your favorite salad, in cakes, or you can eat them with honey and fruits. They are an ideal snack for all those busy days at the office.

There are several varieties of pine seed, and the most famous of them come from Mexico, Italy, and China. You can found these pine seed in stores that sell organic products or online. The only drawback is that pine seeds have a fairly high price, but they worth every penny.

Here are four health benefits of pine seeds:

1. Rich in protein

They are an excellent source of protein, containing these nutrients in greater quantity than any other seeds. Besides protein, pine seeds also contain healthy fats, which lower cholesterol and reduce heart attack risk.

2. Vitamin E

One serving of pine seeds contains 17% of your daily intake of vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects cell membranes from oxidation caused by free radicals. It gives you a healthy heart. They also contain Vitamin K, which is required to prevent blood clots in the arteries.

3. Rich in iron

Your body needs iron to synthesize proteins, which act as a carrier of oxygen in the body. Without enough iron, your body will not get the required amount of oxygen, and the result translates into weakness and fatigue. A serving of pine seeds contains 2 mg of iron.

4. Fight extra pounds

Pine seeds help you lose weight. Researchers say that they contain an acid called pinoleic that plays a significant role in appetite suppression. Moreover, if you’re tired and weak, pine seeds are a good option, as they contain magnesium, which is known for releasing physical and mental tension.