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lose weight with vegan diet

lose weight

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If you live vegan, you quickly lose weight.
The truck driver story demonstrates that you can lose weight on the road. It’s amazing that this truck driver loses weight only by a vegan diet.
The driver is more than 14 hours a day with his truck on the road. Through his changeover to a vegan diet, he lost 69 pounds.


Truck Driver Loses 65 Lbs. By Cooking Vegan Meals on the Road

For long-haul trucker Bobby Anderson, the weight-loss journey was particularly hard.

After 21 years on the job – spending 14 hours a day, six days a week behind the wheel – the Mississippi veteran’s sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits took a toll on his waistline.

But last year the 45-year-old swapped fast food (ever-present at truck stops) for a vegan diet. It helped him shed 65 lbs. “My belly used to be right up here on the steering wheel. And now, I have room to breathe. And it’s still going down,” said Anderson.

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