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Case Study: Go Vegan after an entire lifetime of eating meat and dairy

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Go Vegan, a life without meat and dairy products

I like to read stories like the bottom. These stories remind me of my first time without meat. My beginnings were not easy. I was not supported by my family and friends. They even tried to dissuade me. But they have not managed.
After a few days, I had this feeling of lightness. That was incredible!
If you read the story, you’ll see yourself in the story.


This Is What I Learned Going Vegan For A Month

After an entire lifetime of eating meat and dairy, I wanted to see what it would be like to give it all up.

Literally no one I knew growing up was vegetarian, much less vegan. I was born and raised in a small town in South Texas, where agriculture and livestock are a huge part of both the economy and the psyche of the town. My high school even had a farm that raised animals to be shown and sold at the yearly county livestock show.

The concept of not eating meat or dairy was completely alien to me. My life has been full of BBQs, pig roasts, and brisket smokes.

For breakfast I usually have four or five eggs and and andouille sausage. Throughout the workday, I snack on three or four packets of beef jerky. Lunch always varies, but a standard dinner is a large serving of meat, with no vegetables or bread. Needless to say, meat has always been a huge part of my diet.

But I decided to go completely vegan, because I knew it would be a challenge considering my background. Plus, to be honest, I was curious to see if I’d feel any different. For those who aren’t familiar, a vegan is someone who abstains from animal products in their diet. Meaning no meat, dairy, or food made by or from an animal whatsoever (that includes honey, which I was shocked to find out).

Here were the rules of my monthlong challenge:

1. No meat, dairy, or animal by-products whatsoever for the duration of the month.

2. No cheat days. I wanted it to be cold turkey.


Week one: When I realized just how dependent my body was on meat.

The first few days I was totally lost because I had absolutely no idea what I could eat.

Week two: When grocery shopping actually made me more aware of how many things are vegan-friendly.

I realized that part of the problem was me, because I hadn’t done any grocery shopping to fit my new lifestyle.

Week three: The week when being vegan wasn’t just easy, but it actually made me feel better.

By week three I was really starting to feel the positive effects of being vegan.


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