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Vegetarian foods contain SECRET animal products

Vegetarian foods are not vegetarian.

In good faith, you buy vegetarian foods. But in many foods are secret animal products. Can you believe it?
I found a report where a reporter was investigating the matter. You should read this report.
It will affect your buying habits.

You can find pesticide animal products even in Bananas, or Orange Juice. But read for yourself.


No bananas please, we’re vegetarian! The foods you think are safe to eat but actually contain SECRET animal products

  • Karin Ridgers, founder of VeggieVision TV, has identified stealthy foods
  • Bananas can sometimes be sprayed with a pesticide which has shellfish
  • When pollinating figs, wasps can die in the fruit and become part of it 

Think bananas, figs and miso soup are perfect foods for vegetarians? Think again.
A range of foods, from fruit and packaged cereal to beer and even figs, are assumed to be safe to eat, yet an expert warns that these items can contain animal products. What is more worrying for vegetarians and vegans is that ingredients lists on packages might list product names, but not what’s in them, like the food colouring carmine that is derived from crushed beetles, while few would realise that the pesticides used to spray bananas can contain shellfish.

Vegan campaigner Karin Ridgers, founder of VeggieVision TV, insists that vegetarians should do their homework before eating anything. Ms Ridgers told MailOnline: ‘Read the list of ingredients, and if you are not sure what the ingredient actually is, just research it. You will then know forever.

‘I never eat anything unless I can read the ingredients; there are a lot of non-veggie ingredients that I feel everyone would want to avoid, vegetarian or not.’ She added that only way to know if a packaged item is meat-free is if it has an official label.  ‘Ingredients lists frequently change so always cast an eye over them before buying and keep a look out for The Vegetarian Society approved symbol, The Vegan Society registered symbol or the Viva! Symbol as these products have passed testing to confirm that they are vegetarian-/vegan-friendly,’ she said.

Here is a list of the foods you could order in a restaurant, a bar, or in your deli – as well as at the supermarket – that contain stealth animal products.


Always buy organic as non-organic bananas are sprayed with a pesticide which may contain animal parts.
According to Science Daily, the pesticide Chitosan, which fights bacteria and prevents bananas from over-ripening, is made from shrimp and crab shells.
So although, like figs, the banana itself is still a fruit, the compound used to extend its life is made from animal matter.

Want to be safe? Go organic.


Any orange juice claiming to be ‘heart healthy’ is the real culprit here. Those claims often mean the juice contains Omega-3 fatty acids which come from fish oils. If an orange juice declares that it contains Omega-3s, vegetarians should check where they come from.

see the full list here

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